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At Terra Biketours we would like to introduce you the new Terra Bike Tours Cycling club. A new project that excites us as it allows us to get closer to all our clients, friends, colleagues and current and future friends enjoying fun group rides every Saturdays all year round.

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What is the membership fee? There is no fee. To be a member you only need to buy the official bike jersey club kit. So while you become part of the club you enjoy a kit with a renewed design with the most name brands of the moment.

What are the advantages of being a member? Members have discounts of 15% in our workshop and in the purchase of our boutique products. In addition, every 6 months, prizes will be given to the two people who have made more assistance points. There will be prizes also for the members who do more asitance points on Gravel routes at the end of the year.

What do I have to do to score on the rides? First to be a member, that is, to acquire the club’s jersey and go to the rides with this kit.

Can only the members go to the cycling rides? No, they are open to everyone and if you want to come with companions they will be very welcome, but only the members with the TBT jersey will score.

Can I federate with the TBT club? YES, we will take care of processing the license/insurance with the FCC at no additional cost to the price stipulated by the Federation.

This group rides have no cost and are open to everybody. The routes and dates are described on the following list. If for any reason the route needs to be channge it will be notified.
Every ride will give 1 point to every member who joins with the club jersey. Every 6 months (12 for gravel) the two members with more points will have a gift.
Helmet is mandatory. The rides will start punctual at the time scheduled from our shop in Carrer Valencia 337. If anybody wants to join at any other point of the route please let us know.
Participation on departure will be recorded on the signature sheet where all participants will be registered.
In case the group splits during the ride it’ll regroup  after the climbs. In any case any participant is free to leave at any moment, in this case he/she shoul tell any other particpant.
If everybody agrees there will be a stop for coffee.


111/019:00Ullastrell84 km1500mTBT – Sarrià – Creu d’Olorda – Molins de Rei – Pallejà – Martorell – Ullastrell – Castellbisbal – Molins – Creu d’Olorda – TBT
I18/019:00Gravel40-60 km800-1500m
225/019:00Collserola 88 km1600mTBT – Vallensana – Cementiri – Forat del Vent – Tibidabo – Molins de Rei – Santa Creu d’Olordola – TBT
308/029:00Maresme90 km1000mTBT – Badalona – Montgat – Vilassar – Argentona – Parpers – Òrrius – Argentona – Vilassar – Montgat – Badalona– TBT
II15/029:00Gravel40-60 km800-1500m
422/028:30Creu Aragall80 km1300mTBT – Esplugues – Pallejà – Martorell – Gelida – Creu Aragall – Corbera – Cervellò – Molins – Creu d’Olorda – TBT
507/038:30Farell95 km1500mTBT – Cementiri – Ripollet – Polinyà – Caldes – Farell – Caldes – Montcada – Cementiri – TBT
III14/038:30Gravel40-60 km800-1500m
621/038:00Begues85 km1300mTBT – Zona Franca – El Prat – Gavà – Begues – Olesa – Vallorana – Molins de Rei – Creu d’Olorda – TBT
704/048:00Pollastre107 km1050mTBT – Badalona – Mataró – Sant Pol – Sant Cebrià – Arenys de Munt – Mataró – Badalona – TBT
818/048:00Gallifa111 km1800mTBT – Cementiri – Santiga – Sentmenat – Castellar – St Llorenç Savall – Gallifa – St Feliu de Codines – Caldes – Sentmenat – Cerdanyola – Cementiri – TBT
IV25/048:00Gravel40-60 km 800-1500m
909/057:30Garraf120 km1350mTBT – El Prat – Garraf – Sitges – Avinyó Nou – Olesa de Bonesvalls – Begues – Gavà – El Prat – TBT
V16/057:30Gravel40-60 km800-1500m
1023/057:30Piera115 km1500mTBT – Esplugues – Molins – Martorell – Gelida – Piera – Esparreguera – Martorell – Molins – Creu d’Olorda – TBT
1106/067:30St Miquel del Fai120 km1850mTBT – Cementiri – Sentmenat – Caldes – Bigues – St Feliu – St Miquel del Fai – St Feliu – Caldes – Palau – Mollet – Martorelles – Sta Coloma – TBT
VI13/067:30Rat Penat111 km1900mTBT – El Prat – Rat Penat – Olivella – Avinyó – Olesa de Bonesvalls – Vallirana – Molins – Creu d’Olorda – TBT
1220/067:30Maresme110 km1350mTBT – Badalona – Montgat – Vilassar – Argentona – Òrrius – Parpers – Dosrius – Dosrius – Argentona – Vilassar – Montgat – Badalona – TBT