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1 - 1 days : 17.00 / Day
2 - 2 days : 14.00 / Day
3 - 5 days : 12.00 / Day
6 - 12 days : 10.00 / Day
13 - 99999999 days : 10.00 / Day
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Deposit: 250.00€


Rent with Terra Biketours a city bike in Barcelona. A city bike is the best option to move freely around the city. Our bikes are in perfect condition and will work without any mechanical issue. The 3-speed Shimano Nexus gear is all you need for a city as Barcelona as they offer a reliable and precise shifting and a good gear ratio. As the gears are internal the mechanism is very robust and does not need to be adjusted over the rental days even in raining conditions or storing it on the street overnight. Their geometry, saddle and seat post with suspension are very comfortable to ride around and the back rack allows carrying a jacket or small bag with you.


– Bike equipped with: lights and Abus lock

– We can deliver the bicycle to your accommodation. The price of this service will be according to the distance from our shop.

– Hiring rates are calculated on a 24-hour period from the time of pick up until the return.

– Credit card will be needed at the pick up of your bike (warranty deposit 200€)

Bike Rental Prices

1 day: 17 €

2 days: 14 € (per day)

From 3 to 5 days: 12 € (per day)

From 6 to 12 days: 10 € (per day)

13 days or more: 10€ (per day)


Your perfect bike size is something very personal and it may vary depending on the length of your arms. Ask our shop members for advice on your bike size.