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Guided and self guided cycle tours and rentals from Barcelona

Discover Barcelona Countryside on a road bike on your own pace. Let us guide you with one of our GPSs with the route preloaded. All levels and distances routes near Barcelona availeble crossing Collserola Natural Park, reaching the north or south coast, going to Montseny, Montserrat or Garraf.

GPS SELF GUIDED ROAD BIKE TOURS (More than 15 routes available)
For only 12€ per day over your rental price you can get a GPS rental with a preloaded bike track, a map and a cue sheet to help you follow the route.
The tracks are easy to follow and include the interesting points in the area.
All levels bike tours avialable. From novice to advanced with different distances.
Select one or various routes in the surrounding of Barcelona.
Go in and out from Barcelona by bike or reach the nearest location outside Barcelona by train. Our indications will guide you.

Some examples of our routes in ITINERARY

Road Bike Private guided tours from Barcelona


47 km – 1045 m
28,86 miles – 3.080 feet

This route will take you from our shop to the top of Tibidabo, one of the most famous peaks in the natural park of Collserola, where you can stop and have a refreshment at the Bar/ Restaurant,  or just simply enjoy the magnificent views overlooking the city of Barcelona. From there the track will descend to Sant Cugat, on the other side of the mountain. It’s not as big as the city of Barcelona but you will be able to find bars, restaurants, stores where you can buy a beverage or a snack. Do not miss picturesc old quarter. In case you had enough pedaling, there is an option to return to Barcelona on our regional train. REad more about our public transportation in: Tren y Bicicletas en Barcelona, 

From Sant Cugat you will return back to Barcelona this time climbing through one of the most beautiful roads in the natural park, and with almost no traffic. Once you have conquered the peak, it’s all downhill until you arrive to Barcelona. The track will bring you back to our shop

Barcelona Road Bike Tour along the roads next to Barcelona at the Collserola Natural Park

RTB002: Collserola – Forat del Vent - Tibidabo

44 km – 870 m

This route will guide you from our shop on Valencia street to the peak of Collserola. On this route you will have to overcome two peaks. The first climb “Forat del vent” is the shortest from the two. The first climb, “Forat del vent” (The wind hole” in Catalan) offers great views of the city of Barcelona. Once you are at the top, it’s all downhill until you arrive to the city of Sant Cugat del Valles. At this location you will be able to buy food, beverages or stop and have a coffee. As we mentioned before in the last track description in Sant Cugat, if you are done riding you have the option to grab a train back to Barcelona.

From Cerdanyola, the track will guide you to Sant Cugat on a flat road, where you will take the road that goes up to Tibidabo. This is your second climb, reaching to Tibidabo; The highest point and a mandatory stop to observe the beauty of the city of Barcelona from the above. You will resume the ride and descend to Barcelona, ​​where the track will take you back to our store.


64,5 km – 1350 m

This route covers all Collserola secondary roads. it is a challenging up and down route without any flats running through the Barcelona surroundings with breathtaking views and without any traffic.  

The first peak of the day will be “Forat del Vent” (“Hole of the Wind”), a short climb with gentle slopes to get your legs warmed up. Once you arrive to the top, the track will take you down to Cerdanyola and from there connects with Sant Cugat. In both locations there are shops and restaurants so you can stop to buy food or beverages if you need it. From Sant Cugat, the track goes to the top of Tibidabo, a must stop, where you can see magnificent views of the city of Barcelona. 

From Tibidabo you will descend back to the residential neighbourhood of La Floresta, close to  Sant Cugat but without entering the city. Be prepared to an up and down hilly road that connects La floresta with “Sant Bartomeu de la Quadra” road, a magnificent road in the middle of the natural park, without any traffic that climbs back to Vallvidrera and brings you back to Barcelona

Barcelona Road Bike Tour along the roads next to Barcelona at the North Coast climbs


75,5 km – 718 m

This route will take you along Barcelona north coast. Starting with the NII, a road that runs parallel to the sea. From there you will head inland, climb the only climb of the day, that will  bring you through a Flat road back to Barcelona.

After leaving our premises in Barcelona, ​​you will take the Diagonal Av., this road will take you out of Barcelona to reach the NII, a road that follows the coast through the Maresme region. The link between the exit of Barcelona and the entrance to the coast road is not quite easy so please pay attention to the GPS. The N-II, It is a very popular road for cyclists since it is the only flat road around here.

When you reach Vilassar de Mar you will head inland and climb Coll de Parpers, the only climb of the day. This peak has about 3 km long and slopes of 4-5% so it can be overcome without great difficulties (always depending on the pace you want to set). The descent, on the other side of the mountain, is bleak so in colder times or if it has rained, extreme caution must be taken when cornering.

By the end of your decent, you will reach a road we nickname “ La Roca”, which runs parallel to the mountains and that will lead you back to Barcelona city center.


100,5 km – 1373 m

This route runs practically on the same locations as the previous route but, in this case, it travels in reverse and the peaks to be overcome are different.

The track will take you, from our store to the Diagonal Av., that you will have to follow to leave the city in the same way as in the previous route, passing through the seafront of Badalona.

After riding for a while on the NII,  you will find the first peak of the day: the Conreria. It is a peak not too demanding but constant, about 5-6km to 5-6% with beautiful views of the coastline. When descending the peak, the GPS will guide you torugh the inland road that runs parallel to the mountains to end up finding, the La Roca del Vallés, twhere the peak of Órrius start. This peak is a bit more demanding, about 4km at 7-8% with some 10-12% ramps. It is a lovely road without any traffic.  After reaching successfully the second peak of the day, you will descend to a roundabout where the route will take you to the last peak of the day, Coll de Can Bordoi (4-5km 4-5%). 

This last climb is a loop that will take you back to the same roundabout, optionally if you can avoid the last climb  and take the road directly to the sea. 

If you want to proceed with the ride, the track will take you to Dosrius for the next peak. On the way back, the route will direct you to Vilassar de Mar to take the coast road, the N-II. From there, it’s a flat ride to Barcelona where the track will guide you back to our store.

Barcelona to Ullastrell road bike group ride


106,5 km – 978m

This route begins and ends at our shop and it is a mostly flat route, for those who do not like to climb peaks it is a magnificent option. The track will lead you to exit of Barcelona through Badalona, ​​where you will  ride for a while along the Badalona promenade to avoid outbounding traffic from the city.

Once you end this part of the route, the route will take you along the seashore  on the N-II road to Sant Pol de Mar, At this point you will enter inland, looking for the only peak of the day: Coll del Pollastre , a pleasant peak without large slopes, about 9 km at a 3% average.  You will find the highest percentages at the beginning, not exceeding the 5% incline.

On the way back, you will take again the road parallel to the coast line that will bring you back to Barcelona  to reach our shop.


73,7 km – 978m

This route will take you from our shop to the foot hill of Collserola where you will start your climb, on the Barcelona side, the port of Creu d’Olorda. This beautiful and quiet road will take you to Molins de Rei.

From there, the track will do a loop until you reach Ullastrell, a beautiful town at the summit of the Coll de la Creu dels Tres Batlles. It is a quite climb without great inclines and very comfortable to ride. At the top many places to stop to have a beverage in town.

On the way back, the GPS will take you back to Molins de Rei, where you will climb again the Creu d’Olorda hill, this time on the other side of the slope, to conclude with a descent to Barcelona city center, ​​where the track will take you back to our store.

You can see and download the route in Strava:


68,5 km – 1322m

This route starts at the Olesa de Montserrat train station. You can get there by train or by car.

The route runs through the surroundings of the Macizo de Montserrat, one of the most mythical mountains in Catalonia and the most unique for its peculiar shape and spirituality.

After a detour overlooking Montserrat, the track will take you to the top of the mountain, where the monastery is located. This climb is about 27 km long in which you will gradually gain height, having slopes with an average of 2-3%, with a section of descent and with a ramp that reaches 10%.

If it’s a weekend and even more when the good weather comes along, you will find many visitors in the area since it’s one of the most famous natural sceneries in Catalonia. During the descent, be careful with the cars, since this is a road where you can reach a high speed.

Once you reach the bottom of the hill, you will have a short ride till you reach Olesa de Montserrat again, where you can take the train back to Barcelona.


135,5 km – 2180m

This route is the extended version of the previous route. Instead of taking the train or car from Barcelona to Olesa de Montserrat, this time the route begins and ends at our store so the approach to Montserrat and the return to Barcelona will be riding .

If you want to have a full day of cycling, spend several hours on the bike and test your endurance, this is your route.

The first part of the route is flat with a slight climb, it will be a good warm up. Once at the Montserrat area, the route will take you up to the monastery on the hardest side slope (8.5 km, 7% average). Once up there, the route descends on the other side of the massif, where before returning to Barcelona, you will climb the port of Obac (12km, 4%). After this port the track will take you back to Barcelona where you will find the last climb of the day, already in Collserola: Coll de Santa Creu d’Olorda (8km 5%) a beautiful and quiet climb that will take you to Barcelona, ​​from where  the GPS will guide you back to our store


78,5 km – 1091m

To access the starting point of the route, you will have to make a short transfer to Castelldefels by car or train. The route has the start and ending point at the Castelldefels renfe station.

In the first section of this route, you will follow the coastline along a beautiful road known as “Las Costas del Garraf”. In this section you will have to ride with caution since the shoulder road is narrow and many motorised vehicles commute on this road. 

After the “Costas del Garraf”, the track will take you inland. Where you can enjoy the beauty of the Garraf Natural Park, with the road always tending to climb. Once arrived at the town of Begues, there will be a last descent to reach the end of the route and reach the train station of Castelldefels again


122,5 km – 2800m


This impressive route is the closest to the alpine, Pyrenean stages of the Vuelta or the Tour that we can find near Barcelona. The imposing Montseny massif consists of several ports that exceed 1000m in altitude, which the highest point, is Turó de l’Home, that rises to 1706m altitude.

To get to the starting point of this route, you will also have to make a transfer to Sant Celoni, This is where the starting and ending point of the route is. You can get there by car or by train (or for the most adventurous can get there riding. It’s about 50km from Barcelona.

From Sant Celoni, the track will take you to Santa Fe del Montseny, the first section is flat and there you will have to take advantage of it to warm up, since once it starts to climb, it does not stop until the top. The port of Santa Fe del Montseny has 25km at 5% in which 1145m is positive incline accumulated.

Once at the top, after a detour, there will still be a couple of kilometers up until you reach the Santa Helena antennas. This is where the descent will begin. If you still want to give the route a special touch, on your way you will find the deviation to the right towards Turó del Home, about 7km with 8% avargem that will lengthen the route at least one hour more.

Following the planned route, the track will take you down to the Costa del Montseny where you will have to pay attention to the deviation of the route. 

Once down, the second port of the day is not as demanding but nor a “ walk in the park” … The Collformic climb  is 13km long with a 5% average incline. leading you to a long decent ro reach the other side of the mountain. A rapid descent leading to the last port of the day to Sant Hilari Sacalm. a nice little town where you can stop for a beverage & a Snack

Now relax downhill all the way to Sant Celoni, where you can relax in the train after a challenging route, with demanding climbs.

INCLUDED in the price

  • GPS rental with a preloaded bike track. The tracks are easy to follow and include the interesting points in the area
  • Map and cue sheet to help you follow the route.
  • Emergency telephone assistance

NOT INCLUDED in the price

  • Bike Rental


  • GPS rental, track and map. Price per day: 12 €/person


  • Bike Rental – Aluminum + Shimano 105: 35 €/person
  • Bike Rental – Carbon + Shimano 105: 40 €/person
  • Bike Rental – Carbon + Shimano Ultegra: 46 €/person

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