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For the cyclists that are in an intermediate level , the ones who are capable to ride relative long distances with one or more climbs and still have energy to get up next morning and get on their bike in TBT we offer intermediate personalize road bike routes, Mountain bike tours or Hybrid. We organize the tours taking care of every detail, so all the client needs to do is enjoy the route on two wheel ride.

All our Intermediate Difficulty Bike Tours

The tours of intermediate level are specifically adequate for those who feel comfortable on their bike, feel comfortable with the effort that evolves mountain climbs or ride a considerable long route without but do not look for a Race level or difficulty, riders who soon wish to repeat and discover outstanding beautiful routes.

From the higher mountains of the pyrenes to the flat lands of the Delta del Ebro, Passing through the lushes roads of the Penedés and the magic landscapes of Montserrat, Catalonia offers an immense verity of areas, with large diversity scenic and geographic. In this territory, every cyclists is able to find routes whith the level that will be adequate to what their dream, and there is no better company than Terra BikeTours with the large experience in this field to help each cyclist organize their bike vacation.


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