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If you have a few days, you can hire bike trips a little longer than it would be a weekend. We offer several packages of several days specializing in a specific theme such as a campus or road bike stage that are usually done in the preseason, where they will attend talks specialized in training techniques, types of sports nutrition, adjustment of measures of the bicycle (bike fitting), talks of sports brands that show the novelties of their material and specific outings in the area to know the best routes.

All our 4-5 day bike tours

They are shorter trips than weekly but where in a more concentrated way you can know the selected area, not only by bicycle but also with extra activities in the afternoon. Normally this type of tours are guided and made to measure although there have also been cases of discretionary and self-guided exits through maps, gps and our previous indications in the initial briefing.

This type of format is usually quite popular among customers who travel from nearby countries in Europe since the investment in the flight is not so high and this allows them to make more trips during the year but shorter duration than if they had to travel from more distant countries. That is why countries such as Germany, England or Norway are usually the customers who request more of these types of tours.


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