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The old continent offers one of the largest varieties of regions and countries with a lot to offer travelling by bicycle. From undemanding routes such as greenways or routes along rivers such as the Ebro, Tarn or Danube, passing through more tourist routes that connect charming villages such as Tuscany, Loire or Empordà, to routes of great sporting demand such as in the Alps or Pyrenees.

Europe's best cycling routes

This wide range of options makes it important to have an agency such as Terra Bike Tours responsible for planning the cycling holidays that best suit what the client would like to do. In addition to having our cyclist travel offer in our catalogue, where each one can sign up individually, we are also specialists in the creation of new customized trips as requested. We are not afraid to investigate new areas and we always have a great interest in cycling in countries where we have not been previously. this way, we can expand our offer and let the client know the area that is most interesting to them. The countries that we have travelled the most since 2005 are Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and Portugal but we want to incorporate to our experience and catalogue other countries such as Ireland, Norway, Finland or Slovenia.

Cycling in Europe with Terra Bike Tours

For our organization, safety and quality are always very important and that is why we differentiate ourselves from other agencies in the fact that we always have enough space to carry all the customers, their bicycles and their suitcases. That is if, we do not just give a support car to carry suitcases, but at any time, due for example to bad weather conditions, the whole group is of any size can shorten the stage by going to support vehicles that follow the route. This implies that the ratio of guides per client is very low, in some cases reaching a guide for every four people.

Our experience has shown us that for very large groups, of more than twenty people, it is not possible to give the same personal treatment and the same quality of service to which we are accustomed, for that reason we put a maximum of 20 people in the guided trips that we do for Europe, especially in the cases of travel by areas where the climatic conditions can become extreme as in the Alps or the Pyrenees. The trips, usually from one week to ten days, are chosen with start and finish in cities where you can comfortably arrive by plane, cities such as Geneva, Milan, Munich, Barcelona, Lisbon or Madrid are some of the starting points of our cyclists’ weeks, where we offer pick-up and transportation back to the airport.


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