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The guided bicycle tours we offer at Terra Biketours are an ideal activity for business groups. If any company is looking for a fun and healthy way to reward their workers, join a group or simply introduce a different activity to a few days of work, you can contact us to organize a guided tour of the natural spaces around the city of Barcelona.

Bicycle tours to enjoy with co-workers

This type of activity is ideal to complement "coaching" or "team bulding" events. It is well known that outdoor physical activity helps to unite groups and free workers from the intensity of work. The bicycle together with the natural environment allows the participants to relax and get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere while performing a physical exercise adapted to their possibilities.

The tours are made with one or several certified guides, the number of guides depends on the number of participants in the tour and the type of route chosen, and there is a possibility of adding a van with mechanical assistance to prevent any mechanical impact that could arise. The guides direct and always control the group, so the participants only must worry about giving the pedals and enjoying the views of the route. The variety of tours that can be offered is very broad and can be adapted to the demands of each company. We guarantee a personalized and unrepeatable experience.


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