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Being able to visit a country by bike and do it in pairs and sharing not only the visit but also the same passion is undoubtedly one of the rewards of the person with whom you share life also have your same interests.

Cycling trips to enjoy with your partner

It’s quite often happens that the sporting level or the state of form is not the same for both. Nowadays this is no longer an obstacle to share the tours of a day tour or multi-day trips by bicycle, since electric bicycles manage to match the state of shape by making those who are not so used to pedaling get to follow the person who is fitter or more accustomed to riding a bicycle.

At TBT Barcelona we especially like to see couples of all ages share our bicycle touring or road bike trips and enjoy both the route, the good accommodations and the restaurants we have carefully selected for them. Sometimes these trips are contracted with the excuse of celebrating a birthday, a wedding anniversary or a special date for the couple, which gives us the opportunity to have surprise details with our customers, those details that make after the bike route , the day is enjoyed and finished in a special way, as for example in a place of great beauty next to the beach, with a few glasses of champagne and a dinner at sunset.


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