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Until a few years ago it was relatively difficult to see women cyclists in those countries without as much tradition of the bicycle as they can be in Holland or Germany. However, today there are many bicycle riders in countries such as the USA, Colombia, France or even Spain. That is why we organize tours and trips specially designed for them, with specific itineraries and solving the small peculiarities that this implies.

Bycicle trips designed for woman

We are fortunate to have great-name riders in the professional peloton near Barcelona, as well as the Movistar women's team that is booming female cycling. This gives us the opportunity to organize tours and meetups with these riders who are an inspiration for the female cyclist. In order to adapt to the special needs of women cycling, it is of vital importance to have specially designed bicycles for them. For this reason, we have hybrid bicycles with a woman's geometry, which makes it easier to get on the bike, shorter and with specific saddles for them.

In regards of the sportiest bicycles we also have women-specific models such as the 2019 Canyon road bikes with geometries designed in the factory with the ergonomics of the woman in mind, as well as the color and the specific saddle. Those women, even older ladies who want to start cycling will also find solutions in TBT because with electric bicycles they will have a comfortable trip, without much effort, to start pedaling and find what has captured us so much that we are lovers of the bicycle.


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