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When the objective is to use the bicycle a transportation method to do Tourism, we can call it Cycle -tourism The ideal type of bike for these routes is a Trekking bike or Hybrid bike, that are a mixture between a road bike and a Mountain bikes. Our bikes are delivered with a Back rack that can carry back panniers in order to carry cloths or a smaller back panniers that can carry the daily essentials in case the luggage transfer was requested.

The best tours to do tourism in bicycle

When we design these type of routes, we have as an objective to ride in the less traffic roads, and share the least as possible the roads with cars, therefore the routes go through unpaved roads or very secondary roads. We can say that this is a mixture between paved roads and non paved roads , this is the reason the bikes have a front suspension, reinforced tires, prepared for all type of terrain with a special protection anti-puncture

Apart from that the routes are design to connect different villages with a touristy interest. To visit the old cobblestone centers, to enter in building of historical interest or to simple stop in a restaurant. Together with the bikes we provide locks so they can be parked in the villages. These routes can be done guided by one of our certified guided or Self- guided with one of our GPS loaded with route tracks. Together we provide road books, with indications, details of places of interest, and other essential information that will help you to continue the tour without getting lost.


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