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One of the most important revolutions that the Bicycle world is passing through now is the bursting to the market of the Electric bikes. The Electric bikes, or pedaled assisted bikes have an integrated electric motor that help in pedaling by adding some extra wats power to each of the cyclist pedaled, permitting to arrive further and overcome a greater elevation gain with the same amount of effort. This type of bike is by now a reality and it is not hard to bump into one of these in our MTB rides or Road bike rides o even through the green ways or any other Cycle-tourism routes.

The best electric bicycle tours

In Terra Biketours we wanted to put our large experience to the service of the clients and in order to cater this new way of Cycle-tourism we offer Electric bikes. As in the rest of our tours we take care of all the little details so all the client have to do is enjoy the route and experience the interesting spots on the way. With the certainty that when they will arrive to their daily destination their luggage will be waiting for them in the hotel. Touring with an Electric bike, is ideal for all the people that due to age or health reasons cannot cover the longer distances they were used to do or for all the people that wish to ride a longer distance without adding more days to the route or making an impossible effort.


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