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It seem to us very important to emphasize the flexibility and capacity of our company to adapt to the different client’s needs. We not only have a large selection of Catalogue tours but also we can develop many tailor made bike tours that meet our clients request. We adapt to the different dates people wish to travel as well as to the places they wish to visit , amount of days and type of accommodations. This why we call these type to tours Tailor made tours, as they are design specifically upon the demands of the client.

At Terra BikeTours we adapt all bike tours for all kind of groups and levels
Adapt your bike tour to your interests and be free to discover cycling

Tailor-made bicycle trips

In this sort of tour usually the Hotels are carefully selected and High level accommodations. Always previously visited by our staff. Although as we can tailor made any tour, if requested we can also work with budget accommodations. This tours usually include other services as pick up and transfer from Airport or from meeting point, bike mechanic , that maintains the bicycles impeccable during the full length of the tour, massage service or reservations in special restaurants as for example Michelin Starts Restaurants. Normally the accommodations are double room base accommodations, some groups demand individual rooms, in this case we negotiate with the corresponding hotels till we can get what our clients demand and have enough single rooms in the hotels to fulfil our clients needs.


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