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8 Days / 7 Nights




Austrian Alps

Average / Day

98 Km




01/08 to 08/08/2020

Mythical Austrian mountain passes road bike tour

After organizing road bike trips all over Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland, this year we open up a new journey, a new road bike challenge in the Austrian Alps, specifically in the Austrian Tyrol.

We’ll go through some of the most important roads of the Austrian Tyrol, climbing stages like the Grossglockner.

The first day we’ll go into Germany for a few hours, we’ll also be crossing a few stages in Italy another day.

We’ll go through the famous roads of the Gran Fondo or Cycle tour, the routes of the Oetztaller Radmarathon.

On the last day We’ll enter Insbruck  cycling the last stage of the World Championship of 2018, where Alejandro Valverde won the rainbow jersey.

We recommend flying into Munich to avoid the long road trip there and back.

The trip starts at the meeting point at Munich airport.

Bike and luggage transportation from Barcelona to Munich and back is included.

Whoever wants to can travel by car with the organization. Consult prices.

Here you can see the profiles of all the stages and in the “itinerary” section you’ll find a more detailed explanation of the route day by day.








Austrian Alps road bike tour first stop in Salzburg

Transfer from Munich to Salzburg

The meeting point will be at Munich airport, where we’ll pick up the group. Those who would like it can leave their bike at our Barcelona shop so the organization can transport it by car.

From the airport we’ll to the first transfer to the Salzsburg hotel.

Road bike tour South Tyrol Italy

Stage 1: Salzburg - Zell am See.

106 km – 2.400m.

We start from Salzburg towards the Berchtesgaden area (Baviera, Germany). It’s a true paradise during summer. Very well known because it’s where the Nazi hierarchs built their house, passing through Obertsalzberg and Königssee. The passes are short but very steep, a common aspect of the Austrian roads. Afterwards we go back into Austria through a less known pass and we cycle through a valley till the end of the stage. BEAUTIFUL STAGE.

Passes of the day: Roßfeld, Hinterbrand and Hirschbichl

Radmarathon Austria

Stage 2: Zell am See - Lienz

105 km – 2900 m.

The famous Grossglockner stage. At the first part of the stage we do a bit of a detour to avoid the main road, usually with a lot of traffic. We climb a small mountaing pass as soon as we leave. Descent and flatness till the base of the main mountain pass. Have in mind that it’s not only climbing the pass; once we’re at the top, we descent 5 km and divert to get to the Franz-Josef-Höhe, where we’ll enjoy the views of the glacier and the highest peak of Austria. After descending and climbing Iselsberg, we’ll arrive at Lienz, where we have the hotel.


Passes of the day: Hochtor, Franz-Josef-Höhe / Grossglockner and Iselsberg Pass


Cycling tour in North Italy

Stage 3: Lienz - Bressanone

140 km – 3.500m

It’s a beautiful and tough stage. These three chained passes are magical. The first part of the stage is flat, going up a valley until the beginning of the Staller Sattel climb, progressive pass, without traffic, with a beautiful descent on the Italian side. The Passo Furcia and the Passo Erbe are some of the most beautiful ones of the Dolomites, both on the way up and down.



Passes of the day: Staller Sattel, Passo Furcia and Passo delle Erbe.

Best Alpine cycling road in Grossglockner

Stage 4: Vipiteno Solden. Sautens - Valle Oetz

90 km – 3.100 m
115 km – 3.900 m

Queen stage with two routes available, one that ends at Solden and another that climbs to the Sölden glacier, a “hors catégorie” by all meanings. It’s also a beautiful stage, that goes through part of the Oetztaller Radmarathon route. From Vipiteno we start the first mountain pass, the Passo Monte Giovo, a very constant pass of 15 km at 7%, an unusual one in this area of the Alps, with breathtaking views from the top. The second pass is the most spectacular of the whole route as it has it all. The third pass it totally optional, so that whoever wants can stay in Sölden having a drink, while the others climb to the glacier.


Passes of the day: Passo di Monte Giovo, Passo del Rombo or Timmelsjoch and  Sölden Glacier or Rettenbachtal.


Curvy roads on the Great Alps road bike tour

Stage 5: Sautens - Sautens

124 km – 2400 m

Circular stage leaving and arriving at the hotel by bike through a quiet area, climbing two big passes and getting to the spectacular Gepatsch-Stausee lake. The last 40 km are pretty much cycling on flat.


Passes of the day: Pillerhöhe and Kaunertal.

Roads where Valverde won the World cycling Championship

Stage 6: Sautens - Innsbruck

73 km – 1900 m

Final stage and shorter than the rest. We’ll climb the Kühtai, a spectacular pass on both sides that also cuts out on traffic from Sautens to Innsbruck. We’ll head into Innsbruck with continous elevations, wonderful spots to see the views of the city. Once in the city, we’ll climb the last elevation, the final one of the World Championship of 2018 (Gramartboden), with 2,8 km at 11% where Valverde won the Championship.


Passes of the day: Kühtai and Gramartboden.

World Cycling Championship of 2018 in Innsbruck

17/08/2019 Transfer to Munich airport.

After breakfast at the hotel, we’ll do the transfers to the airport to head back home.

INCLUDED in the price

  • Transfer from Munich airport to Salzsburg.
  • Transportation of bikes and/or luggage from Barcelona to Munich.
  • Help in the assembly of bikes and luggage storage for those who’ve flown with the bike.
  • Transfer from Innsbruck to Munich airport on the last day.
  • Small transfers during the trip to get to some of the hotels.
  • 7 nights accommodation in 3* and 4* hotels in double rooms. Breakfast included.
  • 7 dinners in hotels or nearby restaurants.
  • Support vans with space for the whole group, luggage and bikes.
  • Cycling guide, a guide in the provisions van and an expert mechanic in the last van.
  • Provisions on route, light food (energy bars, fresh fruit, nuts, biscuits, etc) and a bigger lunch consisting on different protein and carbohydrates meals (pasta, rice, salads, bread, etc)
  • Drinks on route (water, isotonic, Coke, juices, coffee, etc)
  • Genral spare parts for the bikes. Spare wheels, tires, etc.
  • A first aid kit in each van.
  • Souvenir cyclist jersey.

NOT INCLUDED in the price

  • Trips to and from Munich.
  • Everything that’s no included in the hotel board such as extra drinks, phone calls, internet connection, minibar, etc.
  • Bike rental.


  • Cyclist in double room: 1690€/person
  • Customers that already did one or two tours with TBT: 1590€/person
  • Customers that already did three or more tours with TBT: 1490€/person
  • Non cyclist companion in double room: 1490€/person
  • Single room: consult price and availability

OPTIONAL extra per person

  • Supplement for single room: consult price and availability
  • Carbon Ultegra bike rental: 270€/person
  • Carbon Shi105 bike rental: 234€/person
  • Road trip from Barcelona to Munich: consult € /person

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