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“It never gets easier , you just go faster” Greg Lemond’s phrase defines very good the spirt of the present cycling world and the spirt of many of its practitioners. The desire to overcome and arrive longer and faster is what motivates many of the cyclist to go out every morning and “ suffer “ on their bike. For all these bikers we offer high demanding one day or multi days tours. Routes to Cycling destinations as the Alpes the Pyrenees of the Dolomites.

All our high difficulty bicycle tours

These tours go over the highest emblematic colles or mountain passes, the most famous bike races as the Tour de France, the Giro de Italia and “ la Vuelta a España”. This is how Tourmalet, Aubisque, Alpe d'Huez, Mortirolo, Angliru o el lately the famous Colle delle Finestre are regular names in our high level bike tours. To all these famous we add some less known climbs and secondary roads with very little car traffic and exceptional views.

Adding all this to the large experience of Terra BikeTours in organizing bike tours, where all cyclist needs are being covered and taking care of, causes an immense satisfaction to each rider, The pleasure to reach the objective each day and the feeling that all the effort was worthwhile, make each cyclist to look forward to next riding day to the next stage of this unique Stage bike tour. Perceiving the same feelings as the professional cyclist perceive, with all the commodities


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