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Guided bike tours in Spain

Undoubtedly, Spain is one of the countries in Europe with the most possibilities to be travelled by bicycle, with a great variety of landscapes, many kilometres of coastline and great mountainous mountain ranges where you can test the cyclist's skills. In TBT we are specialists in the organization of guided trips since 2005, always paying great attention to details with the aim of offering a quality trip without worries. That is why we like to create customized trips for groups, which allows us to adjust our services to the needs of each cyclist.

Places to do a guided bike tour

In all the guided tours we organize in Catalonia, northern Spain, Andalusia, Mallorca, Andorra or Canary Islands the group always has the support of at least a bicycle guide and support vans that allow the group to carry their bags and bicycles to make small transfers or to avoid bad weather conditions that may occur. If the group is larger, it will also have a van driven by a professional mechanic, photographer and refreshments during the route, as well as picnic lunches during the day. Our groups are never more than 20 clients and we do not have a minimum, we do guided tours in Barcelona starting with one person, to larger groups on weekend getaways or multi-day trips.

It is important to mention that the guides are always qualified and with first aid courses, besides our company has RC insurance meaning that all the participants in our guided trips are insured. In addition, the mechanic has the best tools, as well as spare parts for the type of bicycle used by the group, be it be mountain, road or bicycle touring. In the trips of more technical difficulty we even include spare bicycles so that in case of a breakdown that cannot be solved the cyclist does not stay without pedalling and can continue enjoying his trip with this spare mount until the problem is solved on his bike.

We love designing new routes, so, if there is any area of our country where we have not been, and we are asked for a trip there, we will be happy to design, review, search for hotels and review the route to get what the client asks of us. for road routes such as mountain. Although there are areas of Spain that are better known for cycling, such as the islands, the Camino de Santiago, Andalusia and Catalonia, we cannot forget other areas that are of great interest and that are increasingly requesting us, such as La Rioja, the Basque Country or Peaks of Europe.


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