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Since the beginning of our company founded in 2005 in Barcelona, the goal is to offer the best possible bicycle rental service. Ever since the first fleet we have been evolving and changing according to market trends at every moment and the requirements of our customers who visit us every year from countries all over the world. To this day, in our Barcelona location we have a wide range of more than one hundred bicycles in all sizes and different colors, in some cases with the possibility of differentiating between men and women.

Types of bicycles for rent in Barcelona

Taking advantage of the structure of the workshop for our bicycle fleet, we are also specialized in the cleaning, assembly and repair of sport bicycles. We are proud to say that we are the official partner of the german bicycle brand Canyon in Catalonia. From this pioneer company in the online sale of bikes we offer it in Barcelona, Girona and Rioja road bikes and mountain bikes. We also have models of bicycles that our partner does not sell with other brands, such as hybrids, city bicycles or electric city bikes.

Bicycles for all routes

On the road bicycles the range varies from aluminium to the lightest carbon road bikes with Ultegra group or disc brakes, to cover all the needs of our customers, from a beginner who is starting in the practice of road cycling, passing by the occasional triathlete or the most demanding and competitive road cyclist looking for high performance in the lightest bicycles on the market. In the mountain bicycles we went from mid-range hardtail bikes for occasional users to carbon frames for the most weight-conscious cyclist, double-suspension mountain bikes for those who want to make descents and even double suspension with electric motor-assisted pedalling. As a novelty we also have gravel bicycles for those who like a mixed route of terrains and a sport challenge between dirt tracks and asphalt on secondary roads.

For the most tourist trips we have trekking bicycles with front suspension and with racks to carry your saddlebags and models assisted by a Shimano motor. In our Barcelona location you can also pick up city bicycles to enjoy the tourist attractions offered by our city. Undoubtedly the best city bicycles to have is with the combination of nexus gear system and Tannus wheels, thus getting the mechanical problems down to zero. Chain problems and punctures cease to exist with our bicycles.

Cycling race hire barcelona

In Terra bike tours we have bikes for every occasion so you can rent the perfect bike for every different route you want to do. Whether it is by mountain, road or city there is a suitable bike for each tour.

If you do not know which bike to choose we will advise you to make the best choice and enjoy your experience. Enjoy your holidays and go cycling race hire barcelona.


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