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In all the services we offer, our goal is to provide the highest quality both in the product and customer service. To achieve this goal, we renew our fleet of bicycles every two years always renting the latest generation models, we also have meticulous mechanics trained at the factory to ensure that every bike that leaves our premises has a perfect performance, bicycles are cleaned and always checked before being delivered ensuring that our customers have a worry-free route.

Where do you want to rent your bike?

What does our bycicle rental service include?

With the rental of sports bicycles, we always include a hand pump and a puncture kit composed of an innertube and tire leavers. In addition, high-end mountain bikes have tubelized wheels to lower the risk of punctures. City bicycles include high security padlocks needed to avoid the loss of the bicycle due to the hands of others, as well as impossible-to-puncture Tannus tires. We have a wide range of helmets, padlocks, pedals of all types, front panniers, cases for transporting bicycles or baby seats.

The rentals are given in periods of 24 hours, there for the time of return is based on the time of collection, not the natural day that is collected. Our reservation management software guarantees that the process is automatic and without errors. Although on Sundays our Barcelona store is closed bicycles can be picked up Saturday afternoon and return Monday morning, like if it was only one day of rental. With the higher end bicycles the cyclist position on the bicycle is very important, if the client specifies his measurements, we adjust the height of the stem, the reach and we can also change the saddle that the bicycle has to a saddle provided by the person who has formalized the reservation.


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