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Friday, 19 March 2021
To ELIMINATE NOISES caused by braking, the first thing we will do is REMOVE the PADS and evaluate what state they are in. With the DISC we will do the same and if everything is correct we will clean and reassemble The first thing will be then to disassemble the wheel and clean pads, discs and caliper. To REMOVE the PADS, with the help of a pliers we will remove the pin and thus the pads will come out towards down. It is very important to have clean hands so as not to contaminate the pads. We take the opportunity to CHECK the condition of both the PADS and the disc.
Monday, 31 August 2020
Thursday, 14 May 2020
Presentando la nueva bicicleta eléctrica de montaña de Canyon
From Canyon they gave us the opportunity to attend at the presentation of three models of electric mountain bikes for 2020. The first week of March we attended the event organized by Canyon in Vallromanes where together with journalists and professional downhill raiders where three ON models were presented to us. We were able to
Thursday, 14 May 2020
Los paisajes de los Alpes de Austria nos obligan a parar para tomar fotos de su belleza
Thursday, 14 May 2020
Consejos para hacer el camino de Santiago en Bicicleta
Thursday, 14 May 2020
The best way to continue pedaling together and doing what we like the most, even if its at home. As it is known at the moment we cannot go out to enjoy the roads and paths with a bicycle in a group as we used to do, we have created this calendar of meetings on
Wednesday, 27 February 2019
Rent road bikes from Terra BikeTours to enjoy group rides in Barcelona
In March we invite you to join us on two more rides; on Saturday 16 and 30. We are all looking forward to the winter to leave and as the temperature rises we also increase the distance of the routes. We remind you that as in all previous group rides the participation has no cost
Thursday, 31 January 2019
Terra BikeTours cycling club
We introduce to you the road bike rides of the TBT club for this February in Barcelona. As always, the group rides of the club are open and without any cost to all participants, so anyone who wants to join us will be welcome, either with their own bike or with one of our rental
Monday, 07 January 2019
Barcelona to Ullastrell road bike group ride
This January we invite you to a group ride to warm up the new season by doing what we like the most: pedaling in a road bike. Next Saturday January 19th at 9:00am we will ride from our shop to Ullastrell. The route is about 85km with 1500 meters of climb (52,8mi 4920feet). We’re going
Thursday, 13 December 2018
Group road ride for Christmas in Barcelona
Next Saturday, December 29th you’re invited to join us at our Christmas ride with Terra Biketours. The ride will start at 9:00am from our shop (Carrer València 337) and will head towards Maresme to complete a 80km-800m route. The first climb we will encounter will be la Conreria and from there a descent that will
Thursday, 08 February 2018
Improve confidence and skills for MTB rides
Overcome your fears, have better control on your bike, and start enjoying the MTB world as you have never done before. At Terra Bike tours we launch a new MTB ride concept, Enjoy you ride while improving your MTB technical skills together with our high Qualify MTB guide Manel Ibars  For this purpose, we scheduled
Tuesday, 16 January 2018
Terra BikeTours Canyon official partner in Barcelona
Right on time for the start of the season, we will add Canyon’s first ever E-MTB to our bikes at Barcelona! You can look forward to an innovative full suspension bike with lots of detailed solutions and enough suspension travel for exciting adventure rides – more details not to be revealed yet… Stay tuned! This
Wednesday, 27 December 2017
At Terra Bike Tours® Barcelona we have two types of road bikes from our bike partner Canyon each with a different geometry: Ultimate and Endurace. People often wonder what the differences are between this two models of racing bikes when they want to rent a road bike in Barcelona from us, so we will review
Thursday, 13 April 2017
Race your bike at Montmeló - Catalunya Formula1 Circuit
Have you ever experienced giving a go with your bike on a F1 track ? if visiting Barcelona you shouldn’t miss the experience of feeling what is like cycling in of the best F1 tracks in the world. The circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya is located in the village of Montmeló just 26 km from Barcelona and
Wednesday, 02 March 2016
Travel with your bike on public transport in Barcelona and Catalunya
In Barcelona we are lucky to be quite well connected with other cities/towns by train. There is not a better way to reach the starting point of your ride if you want to cycle inland or to ride in the north coast, maybe reach Girona or even reach the Pyrenees. The train system is good
Tuesday, 19 January 2016
Urban and off road cycling safety and precaution signs
Spain = the European paradise for cycling. Locations like Mallorca, Barcelona and its surroundings, Girona, La Rioja, or Canary Islands, are just few examples of the massive offer for every keen cyclist willing to ride on amazing roads, climb some of the most known and iconic mountain climbs from La Vuelta or Tour de France,
Friday, 18 December 2015
New Year's first bike ride
January first. Let’s celebrate the new year with a ride. We are lucky in Barcelona, the weather allows us to ride all the year round. Today with a sunny day and a temperature of 16 Celsius at 12:00 we had a perfect ride on the quiet roads around Barcelona. Let’s reset the odometer to zero
Friday, 18 December 2015
Catalan traditions and cycling
In our Spanish region of Catalunya (Barcelona is the capital) we have many traditions, quite unique and that you will only be able to find here. We are proud to keep our traditions and of course food is always important. “Pa amb tomaquet” is the Catalan way to say Bread with tomato, it looks simple
Friday, 18 December 2015
Bike touring from the Pyrenees to the Sea
Vías Verdes (in Spanish), Vies Verdes (In Catalan) are literally, “green-ways”. They are old disused railway lines that have been recovered and reconditioned for use by walkers and cyclists. In the USA they have something similar and there they call this old railways “Rails to Trails“. Exploring them is a different, enjoyable and environmentally friendly way
Tuesday, 15 December 2015
I have been traveling around since I was 13 and when I started biking more often, travel with my bike was the nicest way to discover a new place. At the beginning I traveled by car, so the bike transport was not really an issue. but when I started to travel farther using the train

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