To ELIMINATE NOISES caused by braking, the first thing we will do is REMOVE the PADS and evaluate what state they are in. With the DISC we will do the same and if everything is correct we will clean and reassemble The first thing will be then to disassemble the wheel and clean pads, discs and caliper. To REMOVE the PADS, with the help of a pliers we will remove the pin and thus the pads will come out towards down. It is very important to have clean hands so as not to contaminate the pads. We take the opportunity to CHECK the condition of both the PADS and the disc. We will look at the thickness of the pads and the disc to see if we keep them. We will first look at what the manufacturer says. If it is for example a Shimano disc, it will tell us that the minimum thickness has to be 1.5 thick. WE MEASURE the CONTACT ZONE of the pads with a caliper, in case something is in bad condition and we have to change pads or discs, you can see it in this other article

How to clean the BRAKES and PADS of your bicycle?

If everything is correct, then to eliminate noise, what you will have to do is CLEAN the entire BRAKING SYSTEM, especially the pads and the disc, for this we will use isopropyl alcohol. At Terra Bike Tours Barcelona we work with local and environmentally friendly suppliers, such as the Relber house, mainly we will have to clean the BRAKING AREA of the pads and then the disc by applying alcohol with a totally clean paper to remove all of society. a bit the caliper and especially the pistons. When we have everything clean and free of dirt, we reassemble the pads and the wheel without forgetting to place the pin.

Why do the brakes on my bike still sound?

If, once the wheel is mounted, we can hear the disc rubbing against the pads once per lap, that means that the disc is slightly bent and we may also have to relocate the caliper a bit. In this case, the first thing we will do is make sure, especially looking vertically between the pads, that the caliper is centered with respect to the disc, if not, the first thing we can do is adjust the caliper, keeping the brake pressed, which will cause the caliper self-centers, and we tighten the caliper bolts. This way it will be centered.

How to REMOVE noise from rim BRAKES?

If you have noise problems in rim brakes, then the instructions to follow on how to remove these noises you will find in this video.



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