Presentando la nueva bicicleta eléctrica de montaña de Canyon

From Canyon they gave us the opportunity to attend at the presentation of three models of electric mountain bikes for 2020. The first week of March we attended the event organized by Canyon in Vallromanes where together with journalists and professional downhill raiders where three ON models were presented to us. We were able to see the features of the new Grand Canyon: ON, the Neuron: ON and the Spectral ON. Of these three models we were able to ride on the trails and paths in the area with the Canyon Spectral: ON which was the model that they brought expressly for the event from Germany. At our shop in Barcelona we have the Spectral: ON 2018 electric mountain bike available to rent available to rent and soon we will have the Grand Canyon: ON model also for rent in Barcelona.

A lighter electric model

The Spectral: ON 2020 improves the total weight compared to the previous model of 2018. To achieve that weight reduction, it has an elegant carbon front triangle and a perfectly integrated internal battery. The new design is lighter than the predecessor, although just as stiff and, more importantly, it lowers the bike’s center of gravity, effectively turning the bike into a downhill machine that cuts down even more on turns. Canyon has adjusted the geometry and kinematics of the bike’s suspension with the goal of increasing rider control, both uphill and downhill.

Both the powertrain and transmission system chosen are Shimano. Shimano’s compact and lightweight engine gives you the flexibility to design the chassis with the best possible handling. In addition, the E8000 system is capable of tripling pedaling power with a smooth, natural feel, leaving the rider in full control.

New bike loaded with details that make the difference

Here we leave you with the video we made for our YouTube channel where you can see more images of the bike as well as comments on the specifications of the model and images of the event.

A fiber-reinforced skid plate under the frame and motor that simultaneously protects the motor from rocks and serves as shock protection for the Canyon designed chain-ring.

A custom Canyon SD: ON saddle that gives the rider more power and control to conquer steep climbs.

The integrated handlebar designed specifically for this bike model reduces external wiring and gives a very clean and tidy look as it allows routing of the wiring through the integrated stem and the handlebar itself.

A USB-C charging port mounted on the top bar of the frame, next to the power button, ensures that we can charge a phone, GPS unit, headlight, or other devices.

Carbon front triangle frame

Carbon has been used to make a lighter frame. This new Spectral is a full kilogram lighter than its predecessor (21.6 versus 22.7 kilograms) and much of the weight loss is the result of the new chassis design.


Going with carbon fiber also helps us strengthen the frame and maintain the stiffness of the front while reducing weight in other parts of the front triangle. In summary, carbon fiber always has the lightness / aesthetics factor, but the benefits of this material have really been used to improve ride quality.

The bike’s geometry remains virtually the same, with a few key exceptions.

The most noticeable change is the longer pods. 5 millimeters in length have been added to the pods in each Spectral: ON size to improve performance on climbs. In the original Spectral the very short chain-stays (430mm) made the bike playful, but the short rear center also made it challenging for some riders to evenly distribute their weight on steep ascents. By adding a bit of length to the rear center of the bike, riding control has been increased on climbs: the front wheel stays riveted to the ground and it’s followed predictably. And when it’s time to descend, the longer pods also increase high-speed stability on descents.Finally, the steering angle has been relaxed slightly to 66.5 degrees, which is slightly flatter than the original Spectral setting.

More linear suspension

Canyon has made the suspension a little more linear by changing the design of the rocker arm to exert more influence on the shock.

These ON models come equipped with FOX DPX2 or RockShox Deluxe Select shock absorbers, but also accept most standard air suspension shock absorbers with a dimension of 230mm and a stroke of 60mm. Since the shock is mounted under the top tube, there may not be enough room for some high volume air shocks (such as the FOX Float X2).

The actual travel on these bikes is 150mm rear suspension, which has been combined with 150mm travel suspension forks.