Travel with your bike on public transport in Barcelona and Catalunya

In Barcelona we are lucky to be quite well connected with other cities/towns by train. There is not a better way to reach the starting point of your ride if you want to cycle inland or to ride in the north coast, maybe reach Girona or even reach the Pyrenees. The train system is good but you need to know how it works.

First you should know the different type of trains we have in Barcelona and surroundings: In town you can use the metro, tram and funiculars. Outside of town you can use Ferrocarils de la Generalitat (FGC), Rodalies, regional trains and AVE (high speed train). Every system has different roules regarding to bikes, let’s see the differences:

In the city:

  • Barcelona metro (subway): You are allowed to enter in the metro net with your bicycle in working days (Mon to Fri) from 5:00 to 6:30, from 9:30 to 16:30 and from 20:30 till the end of the service. Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and the months of July and August you are always allowed to get in with your bike. Usually there is a special place to leave the bikes.
  • Tram: It is allowed to carry the bikes always except if it is too crowded. You have to enter and leave the tram using the doors specially assigned to bikes.
  • Funicular: There’s a funicular that goes to Montjuïc, you can go there with your bike on the same times as the metro. There is another funicular to go to Tibidabo, it is allowed to go there with the bike from 11:00 until 15 minutes after the amusement park closes. The funicular that goes to Vallvidrera also allows bikes all day but not more than 4 at the same time.


Outside the city:

  • FGC: This train net goes to the surroundings of Barcelona and the center of Catalonia (Montserrat, Manresa …). It is allowed to carry the bikes always except if the train is too crowded. Usually there is a special place to leave the bikes at the end of the train.
  • Rodalies (Cercanias): This train net covers a larger zone than the FGC. It is allowed to carry the bikes always except if the train is too crowded.
  • Medium Distance: It’s free to carry the bike for journeys less than 100km, when it exceed 100km there’s an extra cost of 3€. There may be a limit of 2 bikes per train and it’s not allowed to go on the train with the bike if it’s too crowded. Some trains have special place for the bikes, on these trains the limit number depends on the specific space.
  • AVE, Long Distance: These trains do the largest ways and usually only stop in big cities. It is not allowed to carry bikes unless they are dismounted and inside a carrying case which dimensions do not to exceed 120 x 90 x 40 cm. The pedals must be removed and the handlebar turned to 90º

A part from the exposed above the folding bikes can be carried in all trains as they are considered as hand luggage.

Visit the city of Barcelona, take advantage of our train system and enjoy biking in the surroundings while helping to protect the environment.