After several years carrying out road bike trips in Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland, for 2019 we prepared a new trip in the Alps, specifically in Austria. On this initial trip we had the opportunity to ride with a well-known cyclist influencer in social media, Daniel Race.

Although Daniel’s profile is more about mountain biking, he enjoys road bike tours and especially long ones with some hard alpine passes with landscapes that can be life changing and that brings the mountain closer seen from a road for those who are more mountain enthusiasts.

Los paisajes de los Alpes de Austria nos obligan a parar para tomar fotos de su belleza

The landscapes of the Austrian Alps force us to stop to take photos of its beauty.

On this road trip, although the main route runs along roads in the Austrian Alps, collecting the most interesting ports in the Austrian Tyrol area, you also have the opportunity to recognize landscapes of the German Alps during the first day and even touring also for a day and a half of the Italian Dolomites part closest to Austria.

Although the ports are not known for great turns such as the Tour de France or the Giro d’Italia, with the exception of the Grossglockner, which if you have climbed the Giro, all the ports are of great difficulty, spectacular scenic beauty, great interest in the layout and the connection of valleys that combined them.

On the Daniel Race YouTube Channel we can see the assessment of the road bike trip that he enjoyed with Terra Bike Tours in the month of August 2019. Make an assessment seen from three angles:

  • Sport rating
  • Tourist evaluation
  • Personal assessment
  • Economic evaluation.

On this road bike tour of the Austrian Alps here are many memorable climbs but the one that struck us the most was the one linked between Hochtor and the Grossglockner. Its beauty and difficulty were worthy of a stage in one of the great races. This is how we express it when we reach its first peak. A stage that was long but we had to shorten it due to the weather conditions. Luckily our agency always has space for the whole group, their suitcases and bicycles not even the rain, nor the cold, nor the hail were inconvenient since the whole group was able to reach the hotel safely.

La llegada a una subida como la del Hochtor Grossglockner siempre es celebrada

Celebrating the arrival at one of the most incredible alpine peak

On our Terra Bike Tours Youtube channel ou can see a debriefing video of one of the most famous, longest and most spectacular climbs of the entire trip we made in Austria. Specifically, it is about the road bike climb to the GROSSGLOCKNER that does not leave you indifferent for its landscapes and for the continuous slopes especially in the first section up to the Hochtor.

We hope you liked both of our proposal for a trip to the Alps and the videos we have made between Terra Bike Tours and Daniel Race. For any questions about this trip, do not hesitate to write to us at