I have been traveling around since I was 13 and when I started biking more often, travel with my bike was the nicest way to discover a new place. At the beginning I traveled by car, so the bike transport was not really an issue. but when I started to travel farther using the train or the plain, carrying my bike became more inconvenient. In my twenties I used and old bike, so I was not really protecting my bike with a special box, but when I got my first fancy aluminum and after a while a carbon road bike I had to buy a special bike luggage and every time it was the same nightmare. I only found inconveniences: You need space to store the big box at home. You need to unsemble your bike and undo this at your destination, and then the same going back home. How do I get to the airport with this big box? You have to pay extra in all the major flying companies. And if you are lucky they will not open your bike case to inspect the inside. A real nightmare that I do not have to go through any more, as I rent a bike wherever I go. Of course It is not like riding with my bike, even if I take my pedals, saddle and bike measures, it will still be different than my own but sure worth it. nowadays you can always find a good rental place where they will fit you a bike even when you need a 60cm frame like me. It is also a good way to try a different bike on vacations, maybe from a different brand.