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Among the 10 most important bicycle routes that one must do in his life, is El Camino de Santiago, which is undoubtedly the most popular in Spain. You can choose between the different routes by bike; mountain bike, touring, electric or road and each with its special charm. Today many people walk on the road or do it by bicycle. There are innumerable reasons why so many people choose to embark on this adventure, but there is one thing in common, no one ends "El Camino" indifferent.

The best self-guided bicycle tours in El Camino de Santiago

There are several ways to reach the Galician city: the English road, the northern road, the Portuguese road or the silver road, but the most popular route of all is the so-called French road that connects San Juan Pied de Port, on the French side of the Pyrenees, with Santiago de Compostela, where it is believed that the remains of the Saint were buried after his pilgrimage of Christianization. The best way to travel by bike is doing it at your own pace, but with the support of the logistics that we can offer in our self-guided option. We will help you with the organization of all the technical preparations so that you can be free of worries to discover the local people and meet the walkers and cyclists with a common goal of reaching the Obradoiro, see the wonderful villages and taste the local Spanish gastronomy.

Self-guided tours along the Camino de Santiago

On a self-guided route along the Camino, we help you with the rental of your bicycle, the delivery of the bicycle at the beginning of the route and its collection in Santiago de Compostela. We will reserve for you the accommodation and we will grant you a charming place to rest after a long day of discovery and local contact.

If you want to travel light, we can also organize the transfer of luggage from hotel to hotel, making the experience even lighter and friendlier. We provide you with a list of bike shops and contact numbers for the mechanical support of bicycles along the way and all the other essential details you should know, in addition to our telephone contact and assistance during the trip.


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